Words about dead men

A friend of mine attended the funeral of a kind and faith-full man yesterday and later he remarked about how we speak about people that have passed on. He said have you ever thought about what kind words we say about the dead? Truly some folks have earned those kind words but,

“I don’t want people to lie at my funeral”

In other words don’t candy coat who I am. I know and Jesus knows, so let my life be a testimony not to me but to him.

My eulogy should read something like,

He was not always kind. He was often gruff, unmerciful, unloving, and selfish.

He failed his wife and kids on a weekly basis.

His witness was hesitant.

He made ever mistake in the book.

He struggled with being lured by the vain things of this world.

Jesus loved Him anyway. If Jesus can love and use someone like Keith just think what he can do with you.


While I know I’m a work in progress the truth is there is no reason to lie at my funeral either. Feel free to tell the other broken, struggling, and messed up people in the room that Jesus came to seek and save them.

On this Good Friday I’m mindful of one other eulogy uttered by a Roman officer after seeing a Jesus die, “Truly this was the Son of God!” Matt 27:54

Take a look at the cross today and place your faith in a dead man. The Lamb of God that was sacrificed in your place. Stick around cause this story ain’t over yet.