The Gift of Attention

If you are a male there is a good chance you are sub-par gift giver.

Assuming you survived the holiday gift giving season perhaps you’d like some insights that might help you really surprise your partner this coming year with thoughtful gifts.

Let’s set some ground rules: This isn’t about gifts. It is about attention.

A great gift means you care enough to be thoughtful and that you are paying attention. Those are priceless to the fair ladies who put up with us. Now for the secret: you don’t have to become an intuitive savant, you just need a couple of tools.

She’s might already have a list… find it.

Stop right now and think: Does she has a Pinterest account? Yes? Jackpot. Find it, browse it, and use it to give you product suggestions and ideas.

Encourage her to build an Amazon Wishlist

It’s free and can be used to clip any item from anywhere on the internet. Not only will this simplify finding the gifts it will help you purchase them easily.

Use your smartphone

Throughout the year she will pause at a store and mention how she likes something or she’ll consider purchasing something only to delay it to another day. It’s easy to miss this moments so learn to use them as a trigger to focus. When that happens sneak back and snap a photo of the item and make a note of the type, style, cost, producer or other details.

Personally I have use Evernote for this task because it helps capture meta-data (when and where) about the item and also Evernote rocks in every way possible.

The final step is to set a calendar reminder 4-6wks in advance for all important events, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary. My reminder sends me a text. I sit down that day and browse my Evernotes and Wishlist. In very little time I have the gift selected, purchased and on its way.

Remember that not every gift has to be a thing. Mix in experiences and indulgences. Track all the ideas in Evernote.

The trick here is to see the signals she will give you and to have the tools to remember them.