The Fabric of our Lives

I’ve been asking many of you to pray for my friends Cotton and Donna over the past few days and it occurs to me that quite a few of you don’t have the pleasure to know this family so I wanted to introduce them and tell a bit of their story.

The Current Situation

Donna has been in the midst of the a high risk pregnancy and over the past 3 days things took a turn for the worst. Skyrocketing blood pressure led to a hospital visit and then being rushed to UAMS here in Little Rock. She was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome and the situation went from bad to worse. At this moment Donna is in need of your prayers, tonight is going to be a tough night. I won’t dive into the details further but you can follow @cottonr on Twitter for updates. Pray for Donna and pray for the Doctors.

Clockwise: Cotton & Donna | Cotton completing his 1st @Gowalla trip at the UofA | Messing around in Hotel dining hall | Myself, Christopher Spencer, & Cotton at WordCamp | Cotton holding Claire


A glimpse of greatness

Can I tell you a bit about my friend?

Cotton may be the most authentic, generous, loving, and joyful man I know. There isn’t a person around that knows him that doesn’t have a hilarious story and doesn’t love the guy. If you don’t like Cotton the problem is probably with you.

This is a guy that talked his way through police barriers to take MREs to tornado victims in Vilonia within hours of the destruction. He helped found a non-profit organization called The One that works to support the Van Homeless outreach ministry in Central Arkansas. You should hear him talk about the moving experience of volunteering overnight in a warming shelter that was saving lives in Little Rock last year… and that’s the just the tip of the iceberg.

I met Cotton at a geek conference a couple of years ago and we soon discovered that we were both gregarious guys with quick laughs and a shared love of technology. What neither of us knew is that we’d also discover a common love for Christ and an intense spiritual kinship. He’s family to Sunshine and I. He’s a dear brother in Christ and Uncle Cotton around our house.

My friend Greg shared the story on his blog today that will forever bond Cotton, @jgreghenderson and I. I’ve never written about our experience with that type of loss but, as we discovered through Cotton, many of you have been down that road as well.

Donna is saint (heck she’s Cotton’s wife what more do you want to know? I said He’s awesome – not easy to live with).

Honestly it doesn’t matter who they are right now. They could use your prayers.

But when I read in Proverbs of the blameless man, the kind, the giving, the merciful… I’m reading about my friend Cotton.

You can read his blog at and follow him on Twitter at @cottonr.

God Bless you both brother. We are praying.

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