I’m a small town southern boy so anytime I have a post title in Latin you know I discovered something cool.

A Word study on Integrity

I was listened to the Saddleback Men’s Bible Study Podcast and Pastor Steve Komanapalli (@Komanapalli) shared this excellent definition of integrity.

Integrity is a balance between what you say with your mouth and what you do.

I like that definition. It’s straightforward and memorable.

Steve went on to explain that it is the process of integrating our faith into our actions. It’s the antithesis of a hypocrite.

Merriam-Webster defines integrity as

Integrity: the state of being complete and undivided

Undivided is a mathematical term and relates to integers. Look at the definition for the word integer

Integer: a complete entity

Integrity, integrate and integer all combine to show a clear picture of what our lives should be. Faith integrated into actions, to create a complete and undivided being.

Oh and they all share the same root Latin word, you guessed it,


Listen to Steve’s sermon on integrity here. [MP3]