Please don’t wish me Happy Birthday

We are likely friends on Facebook so you will soon see that Wednesday today is my birthday. While its common practice to leave a birthday wish on a friends wall I’d like to ask something different.

Don’t wish me Happy Birthday.

It’s a kind gesture and I love hearing from friends but I’d rather have you do something much more meaningful today: Go Like “The Van”.homelessaaron_t584

The Van is a homeless outreach ministry in Central Arkansas headed up by my friend Aaron (a.k.a. @HomelessHeretic). It isn’t a faceless nonprofit with glossy brochures – it’s a radical man in a van driving to homeless camps and back alleys trying to meet the immediate needs of our homeless neighbors. The way he meets many of those needs are through people connected to this ministry via Facebook and Twitter.

The more people connected = the more work we can enable him to do.

That’s what I want for my birthday, for you to connect to this ministry to hear the stories and perhaps help meet the needs.

redarrowHow you can help

For more info on this ministry see their info page or check out the recent stories from THV and Sync Magazine.

And thank you for the Happy Birthday.

-photo courtesy of Sync Magazine, Photographer Arshia Khan