Forsaking a Hasty Heart

“The heart of the hasty will understand and know…” Isa 32:4

Webster defines hasty as “fast and typically superficial”.

Sounds a bit too much like my own Christian life. It’s so easy to slip into a fast food faith that seems to fill a momentary need without the real nutritional value to support growth.

The way the prophet uses both “know and understand” conveys a sense of peace & applied faith. Living as one that only knows Christ is merely the beginning of a life marked by understanding Christ.

Will we ever fully understand Jesus in this life? Certainly not but if I know his word AND understand his heart my life will be centered on pleasing and serving Him.

My prayer is to understand Christ so I may be more like Him. It’s time to forsake fast food faith & the funny thing is that has a lot to do with my time.