2 cups, 1 Choice

Don’t read this post now. Read it when you have 20-30 minutes to devote to this powerful sermon.

communion-cup_breadThe Other Cup – by Ray Dillard

This may be the most soul-stirring lesson on God’s wrath and grace I’ve ever encountered. I’m hesitant to share any excerpts because you must read the article in its entirety but to give you a brief insight of the lesson that lies before you,

“understand that the cross, which is the supreme demonstration of the love of God, is simultaneously the supreme demonstration of how much God hates sin and of what sin costs because it’s at the cross that we learn to estimate the price of sin.”

“we have two cups laid down side by side: the one cup—the wine of God’s fury—the one Christ would take for us, and the other cup, the one you and I are going to share this night in remembrance of Him, the cup of the forgiveness of sins… I wish there were a third option. I wish it were possible to find a middle ground. But we have only two cups. That’s all. As Jeremiah said to that crowd so long ago, “You must, and you shall, drink.” The issue is just which cup is it going to be. That’s all.”

see the whole sermon [PDF]