Newborn tips from a New Dad

I’m not in the habit of dispensing non-technical advice but I’ve learned a few things in the past 3 weeks about having a newborn so I thought I’d share a few lifesavers.

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Buy “The Happiest Baby on the Block” (DVD)

This is the best $20 we’ve ever spent. There is a book of the same name that I’m sure is great but we found the DVD to be all we needed. This DVD turned me into the baby whisperer. I used the techniques from day 1 and one of the nurses even commented that “we’d done our homework”. Just go get it I guarantee it works!


  1. Get the Pampers with the yellow stripe. It’s a Godsend for new Dad’s that need an easy way to tell if your baby is wet. They are awesome.
  2. Amazon Diaper Subscription: My wife and I are both huge fans of everything Amazon. If Amazon made a t-shirt that said “My life brought to you by Amazon” I’d wear it proudly. Seriously though forget Walmart/Sam’s Club etc… Amazon prices are the best and they offer a subscription service. Subscribe and you get %15 discount and free shipping. Click and forget. One less thing to worry about.
    1. *BONUS: Join Amazon Mom and get FREE 2-day shipping and 30% off Diapers & Wipes. Your welcome.

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Swaddling is important (see DVD above) but our ladybug was 9lbs 4oz and we soon found every blanket we had was way to small. We’ve used hospital blankets for the past two weeks because they are the only ones large enough to turn ladybug into a burrito baby. My friend @SavannahB strongly recommended the “Miracle Blanket” and I am very grateful. It’s a straightjacket for babies and they love it. It will help prevent straightjackets for Mom and Dad.

On the Clock

Keeping track of time will become a major component of your life. How long did they sleep? When did they feed last? I needed a great way to keep track without keeping 3 stopwatches in my pocket. iPhone to the rescue.

Buy the Baby Connect App

You can keep track of everything and it works from multiple phones so both my wife and I see the same synched info. You can even output reports to spreadsheets. I tried several and Baby Connect was hands down the best. It’s $4.99 and worth every penny.


As for everything else well that profound post will have to wait a couple of days but be prepared for nothing short of amazing. Being a Dad is awesome! claire


  1. yep- I love Amazon too. I get my kcups and diapers (Luvs… when they get older, just change em when they are squishy 🙂 thru subsribe and save b/c the price is the best. Also get massive amounts of TP and paper towels not b/c of price but b/c they take up so much room in the cart… and with 5 kids… who has extra space?? Price is still good though.
    I found Dr Sears to be a lifesaver. Love love love him. I use noisemakers to help with sleep just cuz I’ve always had to use them to help ME sleep with a snoring spouse 🙂
    I’ve never watched the clock though, just fed when hungry, changed when wet/poopy.

    1. I had not heard of Dr. Sears but his website looks very useful. Thanks for
      the tip. We do the same but we try to keep track of how long its been
      between feedings or how long she is sleeping.

      Thanks for the comment Becca.

  2. Forget Time, its unimportant. The baby will tell you when its time to eat, change and when you can sleep (never). Whats important is getting every second of sleep you can. I particularly emphasize those few seconds when your propped up against the shopping cart buying baby formula walking the isles. Precious seconds you can sleep., Oh yea, when the formula ways “concentrate” it doesn’t mean just look harder at it (Found that out the hard way … ).

  3. Nice tips Keith, we’re getting ready to have another baby and I’ll be purchasing the Baby Connect App asap. And wow, the The Happiest Baby on the Block dvd has over 500 4.5 star reviews on amazon…I’ll be getting that too! It looks priceless 😉