Anything but another blog

How I got here

I started my journey into blogging almost 6 years ago as a 2 bit blogger ranting about politics on blogspot.  As a unrepentant geek I soon discovered a passion for writing about technology. A few name changes and a few thousand hours later and I’ve built a little tech blog called

<shamelessplug> tech, social media, business networks and more go there </endshamelessplug>

The problem with building a blog around a topic like technology and social media is that as your audience grows you no longer have a personal blog. The expectations of your readers win out. It’s an awesome problem to encounter but I miss having a personal blog.

I need another blog like I need a hole in the head

So I solved this problem with little blogs scattered everywhere

  • a Mobile/Personal blog on Posterous
  • an interesting-things-I-find blog on Tumblr
  • a political blog
  • an the most recent addition – a family blog

It has just become too much, so I’m simplifying things and creating a space once again for just me and my voice.

So what will be?


My life, thoughts, faith, family, and ramblings about becoming a Dad, a better husband, and striving to be a better me. This will take the place of my mobile blog and family blog but beyond the simplification I once again to have an opportunity to just write. I’m happy about that.


  1. Ha! Nice post title – I am having this dilemma as well (well, I guess you've solved it) and feel the same way. I think is an awesome domain name, so I want to do something with it other than have it be a personal blog, but I also want to blog about what I want to blog about. I guess I should first handle deciding what to post on Hey, Let's Rock. How does one decide what a, for the most part, non-personal blog should be about when they have broad interests? Just post and look for trends? Do you have any thoughts/suggestions?

  2. Yes I've finally solved my issue and it feels great. I'm like a bird let out
    of a cage.

    To your question of picking a topic to blog about – What do you know that
    can help others?

    Geeks have a natural curiosity that I believe leads us to be very diverse
    people with broad interests. Trust me I share your problem. Heck my own tech
    blog went from business networking to IT security to social media and back.

    I blog about tech because I want to be a digital concierge. A guide and
    trusted friend into computers, the web, and social media. Anytime I tell
    people I'm in IT I'm usually met with a question about their computer or
    something and that is one of the driving forces of why I blog. I've got info
    others can benefit from.

    So whether its knitting, design, or under water basket weaving my question
    is always “What do you know that can help others?”

    Hope that helps.

    BTW, thanks for being the very first person to comment on my personal blog.