ZoneAlarm integrates Kaspersky AV

From | Monday, November 20, 2006

“Zone Labs, a division of Check Point Software Technologies, is planning to release tomorrow a public beta for ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.0. This is the upgrade to the 6.0 product, which ranked sixth in our All-in-One Security suite round-up earlier this year.

While we haven’t looked at it yet, version 7.0 looks promising since Zone Labs is integrating the top-performing Kaspersky antivirus engine. (To get an idea of how it performs, read our review of Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0.) The Kasperksy engine replaces a lackluster version of the CA antivirus engine that was integrated into ZoneAlarm 6.0.”

This is another improvement for the Award Winning Antivirus, Software Firewall, and overall Internet Security Suite vendor. I’ve been running ZoneAlarm on my primary machine for 3 years and I’ve been very pleased with the product. I consider its performance footprint to be less than that of Symantec, I believe the configuration interface is intuitive and well designed, and the protection has been very very good.

You might remember in my post entitled “The Antivirus Illusion” that Kaspersky AV was a stand out in the report.

“One vendor Ingram did mention was Russian outfit Kaspersky, which in the same tests managed to block around 90 percent of new malware.”

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