A man without a country

Fred Thompson quit.

I am man without a candidate and the prospects look grim.

Hucakabee – The largest pro-life, pro-gun liberal that has ever been, big spender, killer pardoner
McCain – RINO, McCain-Feingold, moderate
Romney – Changed his position on several important issues, Mormon
Giuliani – Not a strong conservative, won’t carry the family values vote

I hereby officially withdraw from the Republican party. Not that I ever joined the lilly livered bunch of cowards. They are too liberal for me. I’d be a libertarian if they had a foreign policy. (Isolationism hasn’t worked since 1944). I’m a man without a party and a man without a candidate.

Also, since only a conservative like Fred Thompson or Alan Keyes can win this election I’ll go out on a limb and make my Presidential election prediction.

Barack Obama will probably be the next President. I don’t think Hillary will be the nominee because the Dems know that she will mobilize the right. Obama is going to win… just get prepared.

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