Where are the Resumes?

Whether you are Rep or Dem, right or left, red or blue, I think we would all have to agree that at its core the Presidential election process is an extreme job interview for the most important job in the Western world. I have said numerous times over the past few months that the Democratic party has chosen such inexperienced candidates. I challenge one Obama/Hillary/Edwards supporter to defend any of these candidates based solely on their experience. It can’t be done. The brilliant writer Bradley R. Gitz has a wonderful piece in today’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette entitled “Where are the resumes?”.


…Clinton, Obama and Edwards have spent a cumulative total of only 16 years in the U.S. Senate. None has a single signature political accomplishment that the most ardent supporters can readily cite, important legislation sponsored, service chairing important committees or important causes (apart from the dubious example of “Hillarycare”) with which they are associated. It is entirely possible that the Senate terms in which they’ve served would have unfolded in almost precisely the same fashion had they not been members.

Clinton is unique in the history of American politics by virtue of having built a late political career entirely on the basis of marriage. Edwards moved from ambulance chasing to a single uneventful term in the Senate and then retired facing unlikely re-election prospects. Obama glided from six undistinguished years in the equally undistinguished Illinois Legislature to a first term in the Senate occupied largely by running for president.

Would you hire someone to run your company that had 4 years experience in the industry? Me neither.

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