Web Filter ShootOut Results

Untangle.com sponsored a web filter shootout called the “Deep Throat Fight Club“. The test pitted 5 vendors’ technologies to filter pornographic web sites.

The test consisted of “5,000 URLs, using key words and phrases like “nudism,” “pornography,” “adult/mature content,” “intimate
apparel/swimsuit,” and “not sex education.” Each filter was then graded for the percentage of sites correctly blocked, the percentage of sites it missed, and the number of false positives.”

The Results
1. Fortinet – 98% of URLs correctly identified
2. Watchguard & Websense tied with 96.5% (Watchguard actually uses Websense’s Surfcontrol database)
3. Sonicwall – 95% of URLs correctly identified
4. Barracuda – 94% of URLs correctly identified

“SonicWall had the most false positives, while Barracuda missed the greatest number of porn sites in its filtering.”

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