Wake up America

I‘m fed up… When is this hyped-up story on Alberto Gonzales and the firing of the US attorney’s story going to end. What part of “serve at the pleasure of the President” do you not understand.

Do I agree with the firings? NO,
Did they open themselves up for criticism when they sent people to testify the first time? Yes

But this is not the next Watergate people. The incessant yammering of these reporter attack dogs is enough to make you unload a shotgun into your TV. If there is a silver lining in this situation it is that I’m finally getting less Anna Nicole coverage. Trumped up scandals, tramped up blondes. I’m getting nauseous.

Atta boy and Props to my home senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) for being the only democrat to vote against this latest bill that included a withdrawal date along with the funding bill. That takes courage & cahonas. He used the analogy of broadcasting the date of D-Day 4 months prior to the event. WOW, common sense ain’t dead yet. Thank you Sen. Pryor… now if we could just get rid of Blank Blanche Lincoln.

Speaking of having no backbone. Is it a stretch of my imagination that Iran thinks we are a bunch of lilly livered pushovers? Obviously our congress doesn’t convey strength nor inspire victory. But seriously Iran has captured British soldiers! Allow me to be blunt… if there is a way to get your proverbial national rear end handed to you on a stick then just capture some British or American troops. Iran is rattling sabers with us and I’m about ready to make a mid-east parking lot. It is a tragedy that Americans have no stomach for war much less long term perspective balanced by history. Hell, our liberal media would have crucified President Truman for dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. Our congress would probably impeached him for war crimes. BUT It got the job done and saved countless American lives. We’d better find some backbone, and fast. It is a dangerous world we inhabit and without drastic change we will be at war with Iran in 14 days.

Did you notice what the UN said? If they don’t adhere to these resolutions then we will be forced to consider further resolutions in the future. What? You have got to be kidding me! The UN reminds me of that old joke about an unarmed British police officer yelling, “STOP OR I’LL SAY STOP AGAIN”. The UN is a joke, and unfortunately, one that has disastrous consequences.

Care for some advice? Withdraw from the UN, bolster NATO, arm to the teeth, threaten once more, and let’s roll with OVERWHELMING force. I’m talking about a 6-day-war and restin’ on the 7th. I’m sure Israel would lend a hand.

I’m tired of pretending that we are not the most powerful country on earth with a military that if unleashed is the most deadly force on this planet.

Grow up America! May God Bless America.

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