Vista Slow Copy Issue

I cannot vouch for the accuracy or source of this information but I received it from a reliable source so I’ve opted to pass it along.

It took 5 MINUTES to copy a 61 MB file. Sigh. Install SP1 again. Hey, the hardware still works AND I can install other new hardware. It’s a miracle. Test the network response time, again. Now it takes 40 seconds to copy that 61 MB file. XP only takes 8-10 seconds. It beats 5 minutes, but it still ain’t great. So I start googling for post-SP1 slow-file-copy bug problems. Eventually, I come across a reference to Mark Minassi’s blog that deals with the autotuning feature of the new TCP stack and that even relatively new switches and routers may not like the autotuning ‘feature’. (SP1 by default undoes all the tweaking that poor bastards like me have been flailing away at to try and fix this EVIL.) So I enter the following into an Administrative cmd window:

C:> netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

Now I tried that pre-SP1 and it didn’t make a darn bit of difference. But Lo and behold! The 61 MB file now comes down the pipe in 6 seconds.

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