Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages

I like Facebook but it’s easy for your feed to get cluttered by liking too many Facebook Pages. Sure at the time you thought it was a good idea to like “Pray for Big Bird” or “Kerri’s Colon” but after a couple of years it’s time for a page purge.

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t make it real easy to unlike multiple pages with ease and after weeks of looking for a good method I finally found the answer.

Update: I’ve simplified the instructions. Just visit https://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=activities then click “Other Pages I Like”

Here’s the easiest way to unlike multiple Facebook Pages:Facebook_Dislike_Button

  1. Click “Edit Profile”
  2. Select “Activities and Interests”
  3. Click “Show Other Pages”
  4. Remove pages to your hearts content.

Screenshots of the process




I may be the only one that hasn’t found this tip already but I wanted to share it just in case.

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  1. You don’t still like Kerri’s Colon? What’s wrong with you?

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