Understanding Social Media in 2 Minutes with @GaryVee

Some people inherently understand the power of social media, especially as it relates to building businesses and brands. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of those people. Gary gets it and more importantly he wants to share it. Gary’s proven himself within the community by using social media to build his own business and then he leveraged that platform into sharing his knowledge with others so they can do the same. He’s intense and passionate and I can appreciate that.

I’ve been watching Gary for awhile now and I really like how he communicates about branding and social media. I haven’t shared much from Gary previously because many of his talks are littered by his tendency for foul language. I know we are all adults and this mentality may seem a bit quaint to you but its a personal choice. That being said I want to share the best 2 minutes of video that I’ve seen in quite sometime.

In the next 2 minutes Gary will share the underlying paradigm shift that businesses must come to grips with as well as what Twitter is all about if you are a business. It’s an awesome 2 minutes


  • We have gone from a broadcast culture to a world where you aren’t in play unless you can work a room.
  • Twitter is not about what you say, it’s about you listening.
  • Search.twitter.com is the game

This entire video is worth watching. The next 10 minutes will inspire and encourage anyone looking to build a presence online. If this doesn’t get you excited then this probably isn’t your game.

If you are interested in learning more about Gary Vaynerchuck I highly recommend this interview by Robert Scoble of Building43.com. Check out more of Gary’s talks on his keynote page, and you can follow him on Twitter @garyvee.

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