People you should follow – Aug 7

I don’t participate in the Twitter meme of #FollowFriday because it has lost most of its value among the noise. So how can I share people that I love following and I think you should follow as well? To do a recommendation justice you need a longer format to introduce people so I’d like to introduce my Inaugural “Tsudo Recommends” blog post. I have tons of people I’d like to recommend so stay tuned as I attempt to make this a weekly feature.

4 folks Tsudo Recommends following on Twitter.

  1. Steve Brewer (@stevebrewer) – Steve and I go way back and we’ve recently been able to reconnect online. I can assure you that you’ll enjoy his wit and the way he can turn a phrase. He is a software dev by trade but you’ll find his tweets ranging from amusing to technology, security, and programming. Steve is a very intelligent gentleman and a very good friend.
    • What you can Expect from him on Twitter
      • Twittorists – I declare this to be a new word for people who DOS twitter. My gift to you, twitterverse
      • At a wedding, Catholics on one side, protestants on the other. 50 years of birth control has a pretty profound effect on a family.
  2. Kerri Jackson Case (@kerrijack) – Kerri Jack is a riot. She is bold and wonderful! Kerri blogs about her life at and you should add it to your must read list. I normally don’t enjoy lifestyle blogs but Kerri’s is a rare exception because of her outrageous humor and style. She is in an elite group of someone that I read everything she posts. (I’d love to see her write a book someday).
    • What you can Expect from her on Twitter
      • We got ourselves a new SC Justice. Today is a good day for the smart chicks and the mouthy broads!
      • Just missed the shackleford exit and had to jump the median to correct course. #neversellingthisjeep
  3. Amy Bradley-Hole (@amybhole) – I met Amy for the first time a few months ago and knew I liked her immediately. She is a modern intelligent lady that carries on that great tradition of Steel Magnolia Southern Ladies. A perfect mix of grace and fire. She’s become a great friend of mine. Amy blogs about her life and everything else at and I just love her writing. From hair styles to patent leather she keeps this ultra male geek in stitches. She’s a fantastic PR/social median for the classiest hotel and restaurant in town and they are lucky to have her.
    • What you can Expect from her on Twitter
      • My “k” is sticking. And I’m writing lots of copy about Arkansas this afternoon. I’m fuced.
      • My car place leaves a bag of cookies in my car when they get done with my oil change. It’s a love/hate relationship. #ellisinfiniti
  4. Natalie Ghidotti (@ghidotti) – Natalie is one of the premier Marketing and New Media in our region and she is loved by everyone (including me). Natalie has an infectious laugh and you just can’t help but be entertained and enriched by connecting with her. Natalis is as smart as she is vibrant so expect some great Tweets and insights about marketing and social media.
    • What you can Expect from her on Twitter
      • I’ve decided that Twitter’s crash this morning was God’s little wakeup call to tell us we’re WAY too addicted to this thing.
      • Giving a half-full bag of M&Ms to an 8-yr-old at 10:30 at night might not be the smartest move. But, wait, he’s not mine! Dr. Evil laugh …

Well there you go. You’ll get more great social media, IT, and infosec folks in the future but I had to start somewhere. Take a moment and check and old friend and 3 most entertaining ladies on Twitter.

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