Top Ten Gripes about Microsoft

This is an excellent article that addresses some of the frustrations that I think many of us feel. Well written, intelligent, and it stears clear of the “I hate MS” mantra.


1. My first complaint is that the company is just too darn big. When any entity grows beyond a certain point, it becomes sluggish and less efficient and doesn’t function as well.

2. Lawyers. Too many of them… The focus can’t be on making the best products when it has to be on avoiding litigation. The reason for this is obvious and hearkens back to number 1.

3. It almost always takes three times to get it right. Long time observers of Microsoft products notice a pattern: somewhere around version 3, most products start to come together. Somewhere around service pack 3, the operating systems become stable and get the bugs worked out. On the one hand, I commend them for being persistent and eventually getting it right, but it would be nice if we didn’t have to suffer through versions 1 and 2 before getting to the “third time’s a charm” stage.

5. The “tough love” approach. It’s is great for rebellious adolescents, but it’s no way to treat your customers. Most of the time, Microsoft works hard to give users what they want, but sometimes they get stubborn and decide they know what’s best for you and they’re going to give it to you whether you want it or not.

7. “Best defense is a good offense” philosophy. When it comes to piracy, the proactive approach has gotten out of hand. Most people will put up with minor inconveniences designed to thwart pirates, such as having to enter product keys when you install software. But users balk when anti-piracy measures start getting in their faces at every turn. I’m not offended if you have locks on your doors and ask me to show ID before I can come in. But if you not only pat me down and test my DNA on entry but then do a strip search again every two hours “just to be sure,” I’m probably going to stop visiting you. I think Microsoft (along with other software companies) is reaching the point with anti- piracy technology where they’re defeating their purpose and driving away customers who would otherwise buy the software.

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  1. Jy says:

    While some of the points are valid, I would like to focus on number 3.

    “It almost always takes three times to get it right.”

    This point could have been made years ago, but I don’t think it really applies today. WinXP has been out for what, six years? It is only on SP2 and in my opinion runs very well and error free.
    W2k3SVR…. This has been out four about four years now. A great OS, one which causes me very little grief… SP1 was just released a short time ago, hardly “third times a charm.”

    I think you should also consider the fact that technology moves incredibly fast. Today’s trends and advancements are well outdated by tomorrow. Excuse the slight exaggeration but anyone in the IT industry can easily relate and agree.

    You might consider that one of the reasons software needs patched so frequently is because of this rapid advancement. Think about it from a security standpoint. Hackers are learning more and more tricks, which requires system admins and the like to learn more and more ways of stopping hackers… Patches and hotfixes please come forward…

    Just my .02

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