– OPML Sharing returns – “Import, Share, Discover.”

The function of the website is to create an RSS feed discovery community. A user will import their RSS feed subscriptions via OPML file to then the site will lead you to other users of similar interests and you can discover blogs from their subscription list.

Although I’ve yet to use the service I must say I am very excited about its prospects due to my longing for a replacement for Share used to provide a similar service and it was a wonderful way to find good blogs in a very short amount of time.

I need another good RSS discovery service as well as a method of sharing the blogs I read with others.

Anybody got an invite code?

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  1. Caleb Elston says:


    We would love to have you join Toluu, as you mention are goal is to help people discover new and interesting blogs and people. We are in our private beta implementing new functionality and fixes bugs before opening up to the public at large. If you leave your email in a comment below I will get you and anyone else and invite right away!


  2. Tsu Doh Nimh says:

    Wow, thank you very much. My email is tsudohnimh (at)

    Thank you.

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