The vast opportunity of Social Media in the Heartland

It is easy to lament not living closer to NYC or the Silicon Valley because so many thought leaders and conferences evolve from these locales but the being a proud resident of the heartland has one major advantage.

I’m surrounded by organizations that have an opportunity to be a forerunner in their respective markets.

The fact is my area code doesn’t adopt or employ technology quite as quickly as the coasts and that means the doors to helping people, charities, organizations, and churches are wide open. Obviously, there are companies and individuals doing amazing things with social media throughout this country but for the most part Heartland USA is a wide open field.

Think of the opportunity:

  • You can be a pioneer in your market
  • There are few if any competitors to contend with
  • Social Media is the most efficient Word-of-mouth marketing and this is amplified in smaller cities
  • Social Media is free. It isn’t without cost when you consider time and effort but it doesn’t require a financial stake to get started.

The time is now. Don’t wait, don’t wonder. Start listening and talking to your community today. Your customers and clients are either already interacting within these online communities and the adoption rates are rising every day. There is simply no good reason to postpone your entry into this amazing interactive space.

If you’ve got questions or your unsure of how to build your presence online feel free to contact me

Update: I must share my friend @KenCamp’s tweet that so correctly identifies a perilous mindset.


Don’t settle. Innovate. Connect. Welcome to the world of Socialnomics (© by @EqualMan)

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