The rule of Law?

If there is one thing you can count on, you cant count on a Democrat always acting like a Democrat.

Follow along with me.

Florida and Michigan both moves their primaries earlier in the year with the foreknowledge that the DNC would punish this action by not seating them at the delegation.

Hillary went to some events in FL although all candidates were barred from campaigning in either state.

Now, everyone is beside themselves about how to count the votes. WHAT? Why not hold to the rule that you setup in the beginning. Ask any elementary teacher about changing the rules and being inconsistent and see how successful it is. MI and FL should not be seated because that is the rule the DNC and both campaigns agreed to way back when.

But Dem will be Dems and they change the rules when it suits them. FL and MI went ahead with the move because they knew Dems waffle, Hillary’s campaign has waffled, and now the DNC has caved.

Surprise Surprise.

These folks couldn’t handle a 2nd grade classroom and you want these people to run our country? I’ll pass.

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