The Life of Guy

This is absolutely true, as hard as it may be to believe. From the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – Sunday’s (9/18/2005) Edition (High Profile Section, Front Page, Bottom Fold). A very well written and hilarious piece by Kyle Brazzel

Guy Lancaster of Little Rock, AR is, …well, being worshipped.

“According to the introductory e-mail from the group, which calls itself Il Ritorno degli Antichi (The Coming Back of the Ancient), Lancaster was actually “The Magic Guy,” believed to be the second coming of the Archangel Michael, who the group further believed had taken Jesus Christ following the Crucifixion and spirited him away on a spaceship christened the Velocina.”

Now do I have your attention?

You’ll cry laughing at this story. Enjoy

*The link has two stories in it, so when you start reading about Vogue that’s why.

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