The first Cyberwar – Estonia

There has been a lot of analysis of this event in the Security community but in case you haven’t heard the first “documented” cyberwar in human history occured this past spring in the European country of Estonia. Wired Science did an excellent report on this event. It is an amazing story and you should take the time to watch.

Additionally, let me plug Wired Science. This is a new show on PBS this year brought to us by the same folks that produce the “Wired” magazine. The stories focus on science and technology. The production is top notch and I personally don’t miss a single episode. Even better all the videos from their shows are online. Check it out.

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  1. SPy Guy says:

    I saw the former Chief Strategist of Netscape speak on Cyber Warfare at the SECTOR Conference in Toronto, What an eye opening experience. He stated that given the current cyber weapons race, a cyber war is all but a sure thing. He said “with every tick of the clock we are one second closer to an all out cyber war.” He also talked about a number of cyber weapons that are both software and hardware. The attack on Syria seem like a small skirmish compared to the massive cyber events in late 2007.

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