The Communist Holocaust Museum

Excerpts from a great piece by Dr. Mike Adams:

“arguing with a Marxist is similar to arguing with an alcoholic who just ran out of liquor. The conversations seldom go anywhere, and the Marxist, just like the drunk, rarely concedes a point. The similarity is unsurprising since Marxism and alcoholism are both diseases rooted in emotional, spiritual, and intellectual weakness. …”

“I write back to you today requesting help with a project I first proposed in a speech on Capitol Hill in July (and again at North Carolina State University in August). It involves the establishment of the first National Communist Holocaust Museum on the campus of one of our nation’s public universities.

It will not be difficult to raise several million dollars to fund this bold new initiative. The generosity and patriotism of Americans will see to that. The real difficulty will be finding a public university that will allow such a museum to be constructed in the face of staunch opposition from socialist professors.

Take a moment to imagine the impact of such a museum. The atrocities of Stalin could be outlined in the Stalin Room. The atrocities of Mao could be displayed in the Mao Room, and the atrocities of Pol Pot could be shown in the Pol Pot Room. Each room could feature a burning candle for every 1 million innocents murdered by the dictator after which the room is named. …”

Just imagine the possibilities. And imagine how difficult it would be to teach communism on a campus with such a museum standing as a guardian of truth, justice, and individual liberty.”

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