The best uninstaller ever – Revo

Very few times do I discover an application and then have it save a situation within days of finding it but that is exactly what happened with Revo Uninstaller.

This is my best find for quite sometime and should be instantly added to your software portfolio. Revo uninstaller replaces the Windows Add/Remove Programs function of Windows. If you ever peered into your Program Folder you’ve probably noticed folders that are remnants of software that you uninstalled long ago. Revo to the rescue. This program first examines and executes the builtin uninstaller for whatever application you are wanting to remove. Once that completes then it scans your registry and hard drive for leftovers and deletes these from your system. It truly gets rid of the software.

How good it is?? I encountered a corrupted Office XP installation the other day. Office would not run, Repair installation would not run, uninstall would not run…. I was stuck with no hope. So I tried Revo. Since the uninstaller didn’t run it found 12,000+ registry keys and a couple of thousand files that it recommended deleting. Ever trusted an app to correctly identify 12,000 registry keys, yeah me neither. Having little choice I gave it a try. Presto, files gone and it is clean as a whistle. Color me impressed.

I give this a 5 star recommendation. If you have to uninstall you should Revo.

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