The best RSS resource on the net – Quite simply the this is the best RSS site on the net. The basic concept allows users to upload their exported .opml file that contains their RSS feed subscriptions and share them with other users. What makes this site so useful is not only can they accurately rank the most popular feeds & blogs, the site can also tell you how popular your feeds are and more importantly you can click on one of your feeds and it will show you other users who are also subscribers.

This is a beautiful reputation system for finding feeds that are recommended by other users with similar interests.

In example, I subscribe to the Binary Revolution Radio feed, after uploading my .opml file I saw that 4 other users are subscribed to BinRev, I just click on the users’ names and I can view their shared feeds. This is a fantastic way of finding those hidden RSS gems.

If you are interested my feeds can be found here

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