The AntiVirus Illusion

The story that I am going to present here came from two reputable sources (ZDNet & Slashdot)or I would have never passed it along.

An article from ZDNet Australia, “Why popular Antivirus Apps do not work”. Has some startling revelations from the general manager of Australia’s Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT), Graham Ingram.

“…top selling antivirus applications don’t work is because malware authors are specifically testing their Trojans and viruses to make sure they can bypass these applications before releasing them in the wild.

“The most popular brands of antivirus on the market… have an 80 percent miss rate… So if you are running these pieces of software, eight out of 10 pieces of malicious code are going to get in,” said Ingram.”

ZDNet Article 1

ZDNet Article 2

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