Teachers reject merit-pay plan

Dateline Little Rock, AR – March 25th

K-5 Elementary teachers reject the merit pay proposal by a vote of 256-42.

The Facts: from Saturday’s AR-Democrat Gazette,

The Little Rock plan would have focused on 50 elementary classroom teachers randomly chosen and who voluntarily applied to participate.

Each teacher would have been paid a bonus of $750 for each 1 point gain made by their class as a whole on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills in the spring of 2007 as compared to the scores earned this spring. The bonuses were expected to average about $5,500 and would have been capped at $10,000 per teacher.

The Walton Family Foundation, based in Bentonville, planned to fund the entire program this year at an estimated cost of $250,000, plus pay the University of Arkansas’ Office of Education Reform about $97,000 to evaluate the pilot project. The school district was slated to pick up the cost of the bonuses for teachers in the second year of the pilot project while the foundation awarded a second group of 50 teachers”

To summarize, 50 teachers on a voluntary basis,with an opportunity to earn up to $10,000 per year.

This was doomed for failure from the very start. The teachers counted a non-vote as a no vote, and to implement the plan required 75% approval from the teachers. A snowball would have better odds in Hades.

These communists would not even allow 50 teachers the opportunity to be rewarded for excelling in their craft. Their overwhelming defeat of this proposal sends a clear message to Central Arkansas that we will not reward excellence in our classrooms or our teachers. I am left only to assume that the majority of teachers do not feel capable of being able to achieve bonus worthy scores.

I am a free-market capitalist and all I know is if you want an organization to succeed you must be able to fire the poor performers and reward the exceptional performers, our education system can do neither.

Simple as 2+2

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