New, Notable, & Nifty from the week that was Aug 14

Here’s what I found interesting from the past week.

  1. Hootsuite launched Premium Accounts – I think the plans are reasonable and I’m glad to see such a good service actually show interest in making money. We’ll see how the community responds and this will hopefully open doors for other competitors. (We have Hootsuite joining us for the Cotton Club podcast this coming week so if you have questions let us know.)
  2. WeePlaces released a very cool Foursquare Visualization – They take your checkins and map out your movements. I’m tempted to create a new account and hopscotch around the world to prove there is an issue with accuracy and to make the map visualization spin like a globe.
  3. Gowalla announced released some new Political Events and a Check-in API – Great opportunity for politicians to leverage Gowalla to inform the public about campaign events and the API is a long time coming so let’s hope for more integration in the near future.
  4. Twitter released new Retweet Buttons – Nice idea to have official share buttons but you shouldn’t use them just yet, stick with Topsy’s buttons.
  5. Facebook is testing a topic unsubscribe feature and updated it’s notes composer. In other words the largest social network in the world is discovering tools that internet forums have had for 10 years. *yawn

The fun side

Tune in next week.