SysInternals is here to stay

After hearing that Microsoft was buying Sysinternals many of us wondered about the future of their fantastic tools. It seems that our fears are unfounded, this is from Mark Russinovich’s blog after his first week back at Redmond.

I’m pleased to report that Microsoft’s number one priority is not only keeping the tools freely available, but preserving the Sysinternals community including the newsletter, the forums, and my blog. While we’re still brainstorming how to make this successful in the long term, I’m pleased to announce the first step in the transition, which is the introduction of a new Sysinternals EULA, that I believe is even more permissive than the EULA in place before the Microsoft acquisition, since it allows for wider use of Sysinternals utilities within a company.

In the near future, the next step will probably be to move the tools to the Microsoft download center, which will increase download capacity. (No, they won’t be wrapped in .MSI files). I, and Microsoft, believe that this also demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to keep the tools freely available. I’ll keep you posted as the rest of the transition plan unfolds, but rest assured that Sysinternals, though it might end up looking different, is here to stay.

This is music to my ears.

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