Straight talk to Microsoft and Yahoo

O’Reilly Radar | May 24 2008 | Tim O’Reilly | link

This piece should be entitled “Straight talk to Microsoft and Yahoo. Tim O’Reilly nails this fireburner of a piece that identifies the cause Microsoft’s floundering and Yahoo’s 2nd fiddle mindset.. He defines where these companies should be looking and in doing so discusses where the internet is headed. This is a 5-star post. Found via A VC Blog.


Microsoft was once motivated by its own Big Hairy Audacious Goal: “a computer on every desk and in every home.” They achieved that goal, and ever since, they’ve drifted. Now their only goal seems to be to stay on top of the heap. They need to stop focusing on eating other people’s lunch and start thinking deeply about what kind of goals might stretch the company once again…

…Learn from the best, partner with the best, fill in the gaps, and build for the future. Above all, remember that great companies have “big, hairy audacious goals.” Energize Microsoft by pursuing a seemingly impossible goal that can change the world for the better.

I love one of the comments on the article because it expresses my sentiment as well, “That was brilliant. It was like an adult just walked into the playground and straightened out all the kids in the sandbox fighting over the plastic shovel. I wish I could add more to the discussion, but I’m just so grateful someone finally said all that, and said it in such and organized, articulate, and humorous way. Thanks.”

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