Social Media needs an Address Book

For the many ways that social media connects us you’d think we’d have a decent address book to accommodate this new connected world. It’s darn near the Jetson’s out here and my address book has a field for a fax number but no twitter account. Really?

My digital life revolves around some of the most used platforms in the world, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Facebook, & Twitter so why do I feel like I’m island hopping? Why isn’t someone capitalizing on the need to combine all this info?

My needs are simple:

  • Cloud based so I can update and access it from anywhere
  • Smart import functions for Exchange and Gmail
  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, and fields for custom links

If you really want to make me happy:

  • Let me send my friend a tweet
  • Allow composing of FB messages
  • Throw in an iPhone app.

Sounds like a great Freemium service right? I’d pay for this in a heartbeat.

Am I the only one that needs this app? Or have you already found one?

Do you have a single database that contains the your friends’ mobile #, email, FB account, & Twitter account?

3 responses to “Social Media needs an Address Book”

  1. AP says:

    Check out our Orbit Social Phonebook for iPhone. I think that it addresses all of your needs/requests!

  2. Keith says:

    Looks cool, I'll download and give it a try.

  3. Keith says:

    Looks cool, I'll download and give it a try.

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