Welcome to the Social Media Easy button

no_easybuttonI’ll share a real insider tip, If you are looking for a shortcut to social media success here’s the quickest route.

Don’t start.

Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but if your mindset is trying to find a quick and easy way to increase your customer base then Social Media probably isn’t the right path. The truth is Social media is amazing and you can reap tremendous rewards but the price of admission is time and sustained effort.There aren’t any shortcuts, and anyone who says different has a wagon load of snake oil.

Social Media Simplified

The entire philosophy of Social Media can be expressed as:

  1. Engaging with people
  2. Giving them something to talk about.

Robert Scoble said it very well,

Here it is in simple terms: add people to your web sites

This isn’t rocket science. It’s putting a face on your organization. Never forget there are real people on the other end of this thing. Take the time and effort to show them their voice is important and and combine that with products/services and you’ll be rewarded with a sincere community of fans. Reach that stage and anything is possible, but it ain’t easy.

Want more encouragement?

You probably won’t see any real benefit for months. There is no easy button, you can’t flip a switch. It’s an ongoing effort of contributing and talking that will begin to build this community. Social media is like the stock market, get in for the long haul or don’t get in. If you do get in then be prepared to:

  • Blog
  • Produce multimedia – Video, podcasts, photos
  • Respond to people
  • Ask people questions
  • Actively search for people interested in your sphere of activity
  • Find ways to help people that haven’t spent a dime
  • Find a way to give back prior to receiving (pay it forward)

You’ll find no bigger social media evangelist than I, but I can assure you doing it right takes time.

The Good News?

It’s worth it. Create. Engage. Repeat.

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