Social Marketing Resources I Trust

A good friend recently asked me about Social Media Skill Building and Social Marketing training so I decided to compile a list of books, people, and blogs that I’ve found to be an invaluable educational resource.

Purists will be quick to point out that there is no such thing as Social Marketing, just marketing applied to new ways well this list isn’t intended to replace University degrees in marketing and communications but if you learn from the best, adapt, fail fast, and learn you will grow. Stay true and tell the truth… and you will succeed.

Everything I know about Social Marketing: Be kind, Be Helpful, Be Useful.

Or as my friend @BryanJones put it…
Play Along. Play Nice

The Resources I Trust

Here are a few books, blogs and people that will take you beyond the hype. If you are looking for a foundational understanding of how we arrived here and how you can use connecting points and influence to ethically and authentically further your goals… this is a good place to start.


Social Media theory and marketing books seem to be printed on a daily basis and while many surely have worth I think it is safe to say that the core principles have already been masterly covered. These books are not merely practical guides. It’s easy to start with the “How” but you will be well served by educating yourself on the “why” (history, context, & theory). These are foundational works. For the full list click here.

Social Marketers

This is by no means a comprehensive list. I’m sure I’ve omitted some that just don’t come to mind at the moment. The people listed below are practitioners, authors, and bloggers. Follow them, Subscribe to their blogs, buy their books. IMHO they know where of they speak.


  1. Hubspot has a wealth of free information and tools. I found their eBooks to be very educational and shortcut intros to areas I was unfamiliar with. You’d be wise to avail yourself of these resources.
  2. OpenForum – An AmEx site that is geared toward empowering Small Business. You’ll find articles on managing and sales but they also have a healthy backlog of social marketing information. It’s quick reading and very focused content. I highly recommend this blog if you operate in the SMB arena.

Your Turn

As I said this list isn’t comprehensive and I’d appreciate your input. What sites, blogs, or people do you learn from? Share them in the comments.

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