Sometime’s a tool comes along that is very narrow in scope and yet precisely what you need. Enter SmitFraudFix. SmitFraudFix is a Desktop Hijack/Browser Hijack Removal Tool. Period. Precise. & fatal if you happen to be hijacking scumware.

A colleague of mine introduced me to this tool a few weeks back and earlier this week a client situation arose that allowed us to test the effectiveness of SmitFraudFix. Simply, the laptop was hosed. You couldn’t get IE to work, the Wireless NIC wouldn’t connect and the laptop was brought in to our shop so that we could roll out the heavy guns. It appeared that the infection was quite serious and had escaped the “hallowed” *cough Norton 360. My colleague ran SmitFraudFix and instantly we were back in charge. Yes we had to run additional antispyware/antivirus software to finish the job but none of the conventional tools were doing us any good until after we used SmitFraudFix.

HIGHLY recommended, Download it, Use it, Spread It.

Located on the tools page under Scumware Removal

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