Shorten and Share Links on the Go

bitly_mobile_iphoneI wanted to share a great tip to extend your ability to shorten and share web pages from your iPhone using

If you are new to URL shortening here’s why I use

  • Simple way to track clicks
  • Automatically share to Twitter and Facebook
  • Bookmarklets & API keys extend to almost every platform you can imagine.
  • Using creates consistency and I can always find that URL I shared

@bitly has recently upgraded their mobile site and made it much more useful.

1000000108It isn’t well publicized was recently announced on the blog but many aren’t aware of’s mobile website (make sure to include the trailing slash, thanks @joel_hughes for the catch)

Just paste in any link, type what you want to say and click share. You’re done.

To make things even simpler they offer an iPhone bookmarklet. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and click the link for bookmarklet.

(Granted the process for adding any bookmarklet to your iPhone is a pain but that is Apple’s fault).

Once you have the bookmarlet saved you can open it as a bookmark from any page it will automatically add the title and shorten the link.

It’s a real time saver and an essential function for anyone looking to ease the process of sharing a site while out and about.

If you already know how to create bookmarklets on the iphone here is the actual code

[sourcecode language=”javascript”]
javascript:(function(){var form=document.createElement(“form”);form.setAttribute(“target”,”_blank”);form.setAttribute(“action”,””);form.setAttribute(“method”,”GET”);var title=document.createElement(“input”);title.setAttribute(“type”,”hidden”);title.setAttribute(“name”,”t”);title.setAttribute(“value”, document.title);var url=document.createElement(“input”);url.setAttribute(“type”,”hidden”);url.setAttribute(“name”,”u”);url.setAttribute(“value”, location.href);form.appendChild(title);form.appendChild(url);document.body.appendChild(form);form.submit(); document.body.removeChild(form); return void(0);}());

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