The Original Shack BBQ Sauce

For years I’ve considered Cattlemen’s Classic BBQ Sauce to be the gold standard of BBQ sauces. (I’m of the opinion that sweet BBQ sauces are purveyors of heresy. So you won’t be finding Sweet Baby nothing at my place, ever. Sugar is for the tea.) Cattleman has been my go to for the past 4-5 years… until I encountered the Shack Sauce.

Last year my neighbor introduced me to a Shack Sauce variation he uses in competition and I was stunned. It’s a thin vinegar BBQ sauce and there just aren’t words for its incredible flavor. It’s similar to sauces/mops that I’ve eaten in the Texas Hill Country (must-eat joints like Cooper’s Pit BBQ in Llano, TX) but I’d failed to find anything comparable on the shelf. Until now.

The Legend

The Shack was a BBQ joint that opened in 1934 on 3rd St in Little Rock, AR. It closed after 54 years of business and their sauce has become the stuff of legend for smokers and barbecue aficionados. Versions have been passed around between neighbors and rumored to have been published in the paper once or twice.

Well today I saw the sauce displayed at Whole Hog NLR (another must eat joint) and they have sign advertising the recipe. So here it is in its full glory. Enjoy!

PS: No I won’t share my neighbor’s variation but holler anytime I’ve got a butt on the smoker and your welcome to taste it.

Download Recipe in PDF


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