Secure File Deletion made easy

This is a great tip from to perform secure file deletion very easily.

First, download SDelete from Sysinternals and extract the file into the C:windowssystem32 folder. Then, create a command file (.cmd) with the following lines and save the file to your desktop.

@echo off
echo .* * *W A R N I N G * * *
echo .
echo .The File(s)/Folders(s) Will Be Permanently Deleted!
echo .
echo .Press CTRL-C to Abort and Terminate Batch Job Or…
echo .
sdelete -p 4 -s %1

Now when you want to securely delete a file just drag the file and drop it onto your sdelete.cmd file on the desktop. Voila, simple and quick.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A script that will work better at sdeleting multiple files and directories at the same time.

    Follow the same instructions as above for creating and saving the batch file, but using the following code instead.

    Create a .bat file using notepad or your favorite text editor. Put the following code into it and save it in your “SendTo” folder (i.e. C:Documents and Settings%username%SendTo) as sdelete.bat


    @echo off


    if “%~f1″==”” (

    echo No more args given. Done.

    exit /b 0



    ECHO Y| cacls %1 /T /C /G Administrators:F

    attrib -h -s -r -a %1 /S /D

    attrib -h -s -r -a %1*.* /S /D

    sdelete -p 3 -s -q %1



    goto START


    for more information

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