Second Storm to hit Florida

First, let me say, my thoughts and prayers are with those weathering Hurricane Dennis.

America allow me to sound the alarm! There is a tidal wave following on the heels of Hurricane Dennis. It spawns not from the warm waters of the Atlantic but from the lukewarm ever-shifting-sands of politicians playing to your guilt and compassion. Take cover immediately, FEMA should make landfall mid-Monday. As soon as the news reports begin estimating the damage in dollar amounts you know you’re in for a bumpy ride.

You’ve seen it a thousand times… The helicopter fly-over showing the gub’ner looking out on the wasteland of formally sunny seaside hamlets…the voiceover of the reporter chimes in, “the U.S. Government has declared the counties of Hogwash, Hazard, and Yellow Belly Federal Disaster Relief Areas.” Ahhh—a sigh of relief, good ole Uncle Sam with his sandbags, chainsaws, and most importantly his checkbook has come to save the day. Did I say “his checkbook”, read “our tax dollars”. At the risk of sounding cynical or cold hearted, why should I pay to rebuild these people’s homes and businesses? Surely this is not the first they have heard of these annual storms. So if one is aware of such happenings I’d assume that one would be interested in purchasing some insurance. Hold the press, you mean the private market has a solution? Hillary, say it isn’t so.

Understand that I live in tornado alley. Therefore, I know that a twister could give my home a proverbial 8-second ride providing me with a lifetime supply of toothpicks. To prevent my homelessness, if that happens, I pay State Farm a good bit of money to insure my home. I don’t expect you, taxpaying citizen, to pay for picking up the pieces. I understand the risks of living here; I accept them and go on. Why should FEMA come swooping in with tax dollars to pick up the tab? The way I see it, it’s my responsibility.

Floridians aren’t at fault mind you, we all are. We’ve entrusted yet another role to the all-ignorant and incapable government. If you need it done in the worst possible manner and would like the highest price tag to boot – Uncle Sam is the only man for the job. Learned Reader, always remember Tsu Doh Nimh’s 3 M’s of what the government’s does well: printing Money, maintaining a Military, and delivering Mail. (Note: UPS and FedEx might one day turn this into the 2M rule, but I digress). When did it become the government’s job to clean up private property damaged by an act of God that should be insured if an owner has any sense at all? An aside, I’m sure there is some violation of the separation of church and state here. Now if I can just find that phrase in the constitution I’ll contact the ACLU.

So why does it happen? One word friends, VOTES! It helps keep politicians in power when the money train comes to town. Never mind the train is without a conductor and derailed from the start. The system does not work as advertised, its abused, bloated, and needs to STOP.

So FEMA, I was wondering if you could give me a rebate. My insurance is due.

Learned Reader please see Mr. Sowell’s article on this subject, written 9/8/2004.
I don’t do the subject justice.
Sowell for President 2008

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