Reduce the Noise in Twitter

Yesterday I helped clean up your Facebook feed by unliking multiple pages so I todays tip is reduce noise in Twitter.

earplugsTired of seeing foursquare check-ins or soundtracking posts? You don’t want to unfollow your friends but you aren’t interested in seeing these tweets. There has to be a middle ground solution.

There is. It is a little known feature in Tweetdeck that can radically improve your signal-to-noise ratio.

Tweetdeck Global filter to the rescue

Filter by Source Client

Assuming you’re using the desktop Twitter client Tweetdeck (you should its amazing.)

  1. Click the wrench icon in the top right corner to open Tweetdeck settings
  2. Click “Global Filter” in the left menu, and you’ll find a screen called “Filter Updates


Every tweet lists its a source client, e.g., web, twitter for iphone, tweetdeck, and you can use these sources to filter them out of your stream.

To find the source of the tweets you want to filter look at the bottom of a tweet, it’s listed behind the word via in the metadata line (see figure below). Add this to “From Sources:” field and use commas to separate multiple sources.


I’m not the judge of what is noise but my personal list of sources I filter:

runkeeper,, itunes ping, getglue, nike, miso, soundtracking, tweet old post, empire avenue


Tweetdeck Global Filter allows you to fine tune Twitter to your interests and isn’t that the point?

Other ways to use the Global Filter

  • DVR proof your stream – Hide spoilers by filtering tweets that contain the shows name or hashtag.
  • Mute a friend – Add their name/ID in the “from people” field to hide their updates for a while.

Hat tip to @scepticgeek for highlighting this feature last year.

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