Preorder Windows 7 today for $99

win7 I recently raved about my experience with Windows 7 and today I’m thrilled to announce you can preorder your copy from Amazon for only $99. The upgrade version will require you to have at least some version of Windows XP or Vista but often Microsoft has been lenient on this prerequisite.

The only disappointing news is Microsoft’s upgrade announcement. We were all hoping that Microsoft would provide a free upgrade to all Vista users but today’s announcement clarified this will only apply to purchases of Vista between June 26, 2009 and Jan. 31, 2010. Microsoft is hoping to prevent a freefall in Vista sales but with the current version of Vista Business priced at $234 why not preorder Win7. Save the money and the hassle.

Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft has ever produced and you can’t beat this price. Take advantage and preorder your copy of Windows 7 today.

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