Praise for Bush and the truth about outsourcing

Information Week’s Weblog has a post by Paul McDougall that praises President Bush for his stance concerning outsourcing, and more specifically our economic relationship with India.


“Legislative efforts to restrict the outsourcing of IT and other services jobs to India would hurt America more than they would help it. Most business people and economists know this, and it appears President Bush knows it, too.

Amidst all the hyperbole about the so-called ruinous effects of offshoring, it’s easy to forget that the U.S. enjoys a significant trade surplus in services with India–$1.8 billion, to be exact. “India is now one of the fastest growing markets for American exports, and the growing economic ties between our two nations are making American companies more competitive in the global marketplace,”

Let us not forget that outsourcing can be invaluable tool for American businesses to stay competitive in a free market captitalistic economy. Kudos for Information week and Mr. McDougall for their reality based perception on outsourcing and their support for President Bush.

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