I received my invitation and now I’m a member of Pownce. What is Pownce? “Pownce is a great way to share messages, files, events, and links with your friends.” Pownce is the latest startup by Kevin Rose, of Digg and Revision 3 fame. It is in alpha testing and by invite only.

It has been said that Pownce is the Twitter killer (or Jaiku Killer), it certainly seems that Pownce does offer more features that its “instablog/miniblog” rivals, however, I must admit this whole trend seems pointless. I am all for event/link/file sharing with friends but the whole instablog concept seems trivial. I may be alone with this sentiment but do you really need 15 messages a day about what I’m doing in my life? If so, you should get a life of your own.

I do like the prospect of file sharing/link sharing and I’m looking to test Pownce, so if you would like an invitation drop me a line.

PS: Pownce uses Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR™) for the desktop software (not req’d). I’ve never heard of AIR™ prior to this. Adobe Labs AIR™ site says that it is “Adobe® AIR™, formerly code-named Apollo, is a cross-operating system runtime that allows developers to use their existing web development skills to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.” Interesting.

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