People you should follow – Aug 14

This feature started as a replacement to Twitter’s Follow Friday but I’ve decided to broaden the list so I can share great writers, thinkers, and friends that offer more than an interesting Twitter stream. You can connect with all of them through Twitter and isn’t that really the point?

So if you are interested in Brands, Marketing, Business, and Social Media here is my shortlist of people you should follow for Aug 14.

  1. Ken Stewart (@changeforge) – Ken is a thinking man’s businessman and you should follow him because he has exceptional understanding and insights into 2 key areas, Leadership and Change. Ken’s writing at is inspiring and educational. He is mostly active within Friendfeed but you can expect anything shared to his Twitter account is worth reading. On a personal note Ken is a very good friend of mine and although we’ve never met face to face he has been confidant and advisor. There are times that the internet will lead you to a real treasure, the day I met Ken was one of those moments.
  2. Bryan Jones (@bryanjones) – Bryan Jones is a rock star. He’s an icon around these parts for his expertise in marketing, branding, and interactive media. In all seriousness Bryan is absolutely one of the most thoughtful and creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet . You should follow him because he is both a leader and student in this rapidly changing era of new media. On a personal level he is warm, inviting, and his tweets about being a Father are priceless. Check out his blog (make sure and hover over links in his posts to get an idea of the little extra that Bryan puts into everything)
  3. Michael Hyatt (@michaelhyatt) – Michael Hyatt is the CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers and is one of the few CEOs that really gets social media. You should follow him because of his expertise not only in business but using social media as a tool for leadership and influence. I love his blog and if anyone embodies a personal voice as an online CEO it’s Michael.
  4. Mario Sanchex-Carrion (@mariobox) – I discovered Mario very recently but I had to include him in this list because I’ve been reading his archives for 2 days and I’ve yet to find a post that I didn’t value. Mario blogs about marketing and branding at and he is definitely worth following.


As always I appreciate you taking the time to read and interact with me. If you decide to follow one of the people above make sure and let them know that tsudo sent you.

5 responses to “People you should follow – Aug 14”

  1. Mahendra says:

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to share good folks to follow. Appreciate it.

  2. Tsudo says:

    Mahendra it's my pleasure. I'm blessed with finding great folks and I want
    to share them with those that are interested.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the RT. Much appreciated

  3. Keith, thank you very much for these kind words, as well as the recommendations of others to follow. It is a great honor to be counted as a friend of yours, and the feeling is certainly mutual. I look forward subscribing to a few of these fine folks, and I certainly appreciate you sharing these links.


  4. mariobox says:

    Thanks Keith! It's great to be on your list.

  5. mariobox says:

    Thanks Keith! It's great to be on your list.

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