Pearl Jam offers DRM-Free Music

According to an Information Week article, the rock band “Pearl Jam” will be offering its fans the opportunity to download music from its live shows without any restrictions on licensing and use (commonly referred to as DRM Digital Rights Management Technology). Not only will the fans be free to distribute and share the music, it will be available within hours of the concert.

“Pearl Jam is offering professionally mixed concert recordings via its Web site within hours of a live show. The recordings are encoded at a heady 192 Kbps and cost $9.99 per show. Here’s where it really gets interesting: There are no restrictions on how the recordings are shared once they are purchased. In other words, the band has opted to sell its music without digital-rights-management protection.”

The article presents a good synopsis of Pearl Jam’s independent nature as well as a concise introduction and explanation of DRM.

It’s refreshing to see an artist care about its fans and its music.

Thanks Pearl Jam

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