PBS: Defined and Dissected

There is a must read article on PBS by Jonah Goldberg entitled “What public broadcasting is and isn’t” on Townhall.
Disclaimer: I agree with the take on how liberal PBS is but it is also one of the best channels on television. Enjoy this enlightening article.


Public television was created to help poor people, educate young people, and to promote diversity on TV. Today, the average PBS viewer is in his late 50s. Somewhere around two-thirds of the poor have cable or satellite TV. Even more have DVD or VCR players. When PBS was created in 1967, it increased the number of television stations by 25 percent. Today PBS stations constitute a rounding error among the choices available to most consumers…

When public broadcasting’s integrity is attacked, the PBSers harrumph that government money is only a tiny fraction of their budgets. But, they say without taking a breath, if you take even one penny of it away, it will destroy us….

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