Password Cracking Acceleration

Errata Security | Robert Graham | Oct 22 2007
Password Cracking vs. Core2/Athlon64

This is an excellent synopsis on the theory and practice of password cracking. It discusses the inherent flawed thinking in some encryption algorithms and how today’s technology can be used to crack passwords more efficiently.

“Today’s crypto algorithms ignore the practicalities of software brute-force cracking. As a result, they are a few bits less effective than theory would admit. The reason is that carefully designed cracking code can take advantage of the parallelism in modern processors (multiple execution units, SIMD processors). A few algorithmic changes can defeat this, either by incorporating parallelism into the algorithm design, or by including features that are difficult to make parallel. This may be unnecessary: while the majority of brute-force cracking is done in software today, hardware approaches using FPGAs or graphics-cards may be the way of the future.”

Great stuff from an excellent blog.

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