Nuances matter in net neutrality

Johna Johnson of Network World has written a thought provoking article with a fresh perspective concerning “Net Neutrality”.


There are some things you can’t disagree with (not if you want to remain part of the human race). In telecom circles, that includes net neutrality. Favor it, and you’re for free speech, the rights of the underdog and technology innovation – and presumably apple pie, motherhood and the Fourth of July.

Opposing net neutrality means you favor greedy telecom companies, monopoly power and discrimination against the scrappy little guy. What’s next? Taking candy from children?

Proponents argue regulations are needed because otherwise, carriers might fast-track, say, Google’s content to millions of eyeballs while sidelining up-and-coming potential competitors, giving established players an unbeatable market edge over the new guys.

Really? Then why isn’t Google adamantly opposed to net-neutrality regulation? Gaining an unbeatable market edge is, after all, what business is all about. read the full article here

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