No Place for Heroes

Mr. Thomas Sowell (a favorite editorialist of this blogger) has a wonderful piece concerning the biased mainstream media’s coverage of Iraq.

Trashing our history: troops in Iraq
by Thomas Sowell

“The plain fact is that the mainstream media have been too busy depicting our troops as victims to have much time left to tell about the heroic things they have done, the far greater casualties which they have inflicted on their enemies, or their attempts to restore some basic services and basic decencies to this country that has been torn apart for years by internal and external wars — even before the first American troops arrived on the scene.

The unrelenting quest for stories depicting American troops as victims — including even front-page stories about the financial problems of some National Guardsmen called to active duty — has created a virtual reality in the media that has no place for heroes. “

Sowell for President 2008

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